On Your Side Every Step Of The Way

Assistance Throughout The Probate And Estate Administration Process

The death of a loved one is a difficult time, but carrying out his or her wishes is important. If you are named an executor in the will, you will have to take the will through probate and properly administer the estate.

The attorneys at Falkenstein, Meggers, Paul & Robinson, P.C., have the probate experience to streamline the process and alleviate the burden for you. From start to finish, we guide you through the process and handle any problems that may arise. Contact our office in Manchester, Connecticut, to speak with a probate lawyer.

Handling The Legal Aspects Of Estate Administration For You

Take comfort in knowing that you can leave the legal part to us. Once you hire us, we can:

  • Draft and file the application for probate and all the accompanying documents that will formally appoint you as executor
  • Transfer bank accounts, stocks and other financial instruments to the estate and prepare for distribution
  • Locate all devisees and make the distributions, and deal with any claims by creditors
  • Prepare the final accounting, all required tax documents, and close the estate

We mediate family conflicts regarding promises made by the deceased that may or may not have been addressed by the will. We know how to handle will contests resulting from allegations that the will was signed under duress, pressure, trickery or diminished mental capacity.

We are a suburban Manchester practice located outside of Hartford, Connecticut. Contact us to speak with a probate lawyer. Our office is very accessible with ample parking to accommodate our senior clients and their families.